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Strong, Well-Resourced Organizations

We believe a strong, well resourced fundraising programs are key to the success of the organizations that support our communities. If you are an executive director, CEO, or vice-president, we can help you:

Raise more money and build sustainability
We provide feasibility studies that help build programs and set smart fundraising goals, and we provide a road map for achieving them. We also help executive directors build stronger fundraising programs to raise more money and achieve financial sustainability.

Build an accountable board that works with and for you
Understand and navigate the complexities of board and executive staff relationships. We take time to understand your organization and provide a framework that supports your goals.

Reorganize and build a stronger management team
We help build cultures of accountability that run through all facets of the organization. The end result is greater clarity, higher productivity, greater consistency, and a clear path to reach goals.

Receive results oriented professional development
Our brain trust might be the just the thing you need. Part leadership development, part group mentoring, our facilitated mastermind programs address the most common pain points that Executive Directors face.

Years Experience
Millions Raised

Success Stories

Dionne is absolutely fabulous when it comes to fundraising for the arts! She leveraged Reichhold Center for the Arts as a cultivation tool for university donors and helped secure new grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, and the Brabson Library & Educational Foundation.


DENISE HUMPHREY, Director, Reichhold Center for the Arts

Dionne has the ability to easily inspire and offer positive recognition while holding her teams accountable at all times. She is a wonderful mentor who “invites stakeholders to the conversation.” She is an ambitious leader who created a team infrastructure and had the vision and initiative to create a strategic plan that will take our team from $22M to $50M annually.

JEN FUGES, Director, Philadelphia Region, Lehigh University

While colleagues at a state university, I witnessed Dionne’s commitment to her profession. Her tireless work ethic, subject matter expertise, and determination allow her to successfully forge relationships with donors while strengthening the bonds between an institution and its community.

STACEY CHADOS, Ethics Counselor, Federal Agency

In addition to being extremely bright and hard-working, Dionne is an absolute delight to work with: polite, good-humored, utterly reliable, articulate, and kind. We collaborated closely on an effort to secure Vassar’s first corporate sponsor for a dance residency, and Dionne’s presentation to the Bank of America representatives was one of the most professional and compelling I have ever seen—a model of clarity and liveliness.

RON SHARP, Dean of the Faculty, Vassar College (Retired)

Dionne Jackson is a creative, visionary fundraising professional. Her work ethic is strong, as is her desire for success. While at Lehigh she was pro-active in reaching goals. Her team was one of the top producers within our Development office. She also oversaw the creation of a six-year strategic plan to double the team’s output from $22M to $50M each year.

JOHN SIMON, President, Lehigh University


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