I appreciate Dionne’s in-depth knowledge and first hand experience of the not-for-profit sector. Her coaching style is comforting and at the same time very empowering. She is good at helping to craft smart strategy and the work we do together moves at a fast yet meaningful pace. This puts our organization at the sweet spot for growth.

Fatimah Muhammad, Executive Director
National Network Hospital Violence Intervention Programs

Dionne was instrumental in helping me secure our first major gift- a $1M endowment for our programs. This gift has been a game changer and has transformed the GIC’s profile amongst its peers and donors, and positioned the Center for financial stability into perpetuity. As a result of Dionne’s coaching, I am also much more comfortable in cultivating prospective donors and have succeeded in acquiring additional five and six-figure gifts of my own.

I am forever grateful and indebted to Dionne for encouraging me to tell our story and to reach for resources that have helped us increase our footprint and further impact young lives; the lessons were invaluable.

Valerie De Cruz, Director
Greenfield Intercultural Center

Dionne Jackson is a creative, visionary fundraising professional. Her work ethic is strong, as is her desire for success. While at Lehigh she was pro-active in reaching goals. Her team was one of the top producers within our Development office. She coached the Leadership Gifts team to raise its highest fundraising numbers to date and brought new ideas to the table for consideration. She implemented several organizational policies, invested in the professional development of her team, and added structure to the organization. She also oversaw the creation of a six-year strategic plan to double the team’s output from $22M to $50M each year.

John Simon, President
Lehigh University

Dionne’s work can best described as transformational. She was the VP for Institutional Advancement and the Executive Director of the Reichhold Foundation. Within the first year, she helped the Center secure new grants from national funders, resolve longstanding planning and accountability issues and improved communications between university leadership and the Reichhold team. She also ushered in a new era of leadership and productivity for the Foundation’s board. This led to a stronger, more accountable, and more productive body.

Denise Humphrey, Director of Reichhold Center for the Arts
University of the Virgin Islands

Dionne is an ambitious leader who created a team infrastructure and had the vision and initiative to create a strategic plan to take our team from $22M to $50M annually. Dionne even helped me create thoughtful, detailed, and effective strategies about some of my more challenging programs and donors.

Jen Fuges, Sr. Regional Gifts Officer
Lehigh University

In addition to being extremely bright and hard-working, Dionne is an absolute delight to work with: polite, good humored, utterly reliable, articulate, and kind. We collaborated closely on an effort to secure Vassar’s first corporate sponsor for a dance residency, and Dionne’s presentation to the Bank of America representatives was one of the most professional and compelling I have ever seen—a model of clarity and liveliness.

Ron Sharp, Dean of the Faculty (Retired)
Vassar College

Dionne is an agent of positive change. I had the privilege of working on her team (Leadership Gifts) at Lehigh University. She came in and energized a downtrodden team by creating a culture of success, confidence, and support. She produced an exemplary strategic plan (a first for our team) and empowered us to understand the importance of developing meaningful relationships with donors instead of simply focusing on getting the gift. The morale of the team increased immensely during her tenure. I know that I’m not alone in sincere appreciation for her heartfelt support to think boldly and dream big in our work.

Marcia Barone, Director, National Development
Lehigh University


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